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What is RSS?

RDF Site Summary (RSS) - also referred to as Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication - is a method of describing content that’s available for syndicating from an online publication to other web users.

Receiving content through RSS means you can keep updated with news and other information throughout the day, without having to come back to the site and check it. We bring the news to you, so you can scan the headlines and access the information you're interested in. All of Digital Arts's RSS feeds update constantly so you automatically receive the latest stories.

How do I receive RSS?

You will need a RSS reader to view the feeds on your desktop. Here's a list of news readers available . Install the software using the directions provided for that reader, and then subscribe to our feeds by simply clicking on the RSS link next to the feeds above.?

You can either select the feed reader you're using from the drop-down list at the top of the feed page, or you can copy the URL of the feed (from the address bar on your browser) and paste it into the reader.

Using Digital Arts Feeds on Your Site

You can also add our news headlines and reviews to your website. If you use our feeds on a site, all we ask is that you please let us know - and state the content comes from Digital Arts. We'll provide a logo on request.

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