Celebrate 20 years of The Powerpuff Girls with these super-duper tribute pieces

Global artists make some loving fanart in honour of the Cartoon Network classic - and open up on what the show means to them as creators.

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Linedol trainer channel gammin said: i used to love powerpuff Girls so much than anyone else. and i really a huge fan of them and i created the teenage powerpuff Girls. i was working on a comic about the powerpuff Girls in teenage (15 years old).

Linedol trainer channel gammin said: and i agree with you

Linedol trainer channel gammin said: i like the original powerpuff Girls than the reboot. but if i making it i will have it better like the original and not the reboot and it's going to have more monsters more fighting and have Bunny as the fourth powerpuff girl. and new powerpuff Girls members and old enemies and a new enemie. they're real memories and they will be teenagers (15 years old) in 3d

The Pug Lover said: To keep the PPG franchise going, you need to tell Cartoon Network to fix some mistakes, bring Miss Bellum back, have the original voices for the PPG's come back, axe out the memes, make Buttercup a lesbian, and make the punches better.

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