Ciara is an illustrator working from Open in North London. Since graduating in 2008 from studying graphic design at Brighton she has gone on to build up an exciting portfolio whilst working with an extensive range of clients.

In 2011 Ciara co-founded a new venture called Many Hands which is a online store offering customers the chance to buy exciting contemporary prints and products.

There’s lots to love about collage – the elements you select enable you to create whimsical contrasts. It’s also currently very trendy, cropping up on posters, flyers and album covers.

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Here, illustrator Ciara Phelan shows you how to hone your cut-out skills to prepare images for collaging. You’ll also learn some handy tricks to give your images a vintage look.

You will learn how to adjust the contrast and colour levels as well as shifting the channels to create a litho printed effect – a very useful technique to learn as it can be applied to imagery you have sourced yourself, making it appear to be from a 1950s journal.

This gives you flexibility with the images you can use, saving you hours of trawling through old magazines and encyclopedias. This tutorial focuses on transforming the photograph of the stag in the above example, but these techniques have been used on all elements in this artwork.

Time to complete

20 minutes

Software used

Adobe Photoshop

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