Ollie Munden, aka Megamunden, combines nature’s creatures, tattoo design, 1980s skate graphics and an essence of the Far East to create his beautiful concoctions.

As comfortable painting large scale murals as he is illustrating for advertising or publishing, it has been hard to escape Ollie’s drawings over recent years. British Airways, Havaianas, Nike, Toshiba, Vodafone, Penguin and New Scientist are just a few of the many who have fallen for his distinctive creations.

Alongside commercial commissions, Ollie is finding more and more that he is being commissioned to design tattoos for private clients.

In this tutorial, artist Ollie Munden takes you through the process of creating his three-colour painting, Chasing The Dragon, through a mix of Photoshop and pencil techniques. First off you’ll mock up what you want to create using photography, then create a pencil drawing from that. Taking your drawing, you’ll retrace this by hand with a Brush Pen, then transform it into a slick-looking, three-colour digital artwork.

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The tutorial also shows you how to colour your finished artwork using a mixture of digital and hand-drawn techniques.

These skills can be used to produce your own unique pieces of artwork with a fluid, yet bold graphic style. 

Time to complete

1 full day


Adobe Photoshop 7 or later

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