You might be forgiven for thinking that QuarkXpress had gone the way of PageMaker - but it's still being developed, and there's a new version coming soon, QuarkXPress 2017.

Between 10 and 15 years ago, the whole design industry - or so it felt at the time - moved from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign for page layout. However, there are still a core of committed users of 'Quark', as we called it, who will be excited to use it.

Could it tempt you back from InDesign? Those hit by the recent price rises of Adobe Creative Cloud could be tempted by it's fixed price (which can be as low as £319/US$349 if you've got a old copy of QuarkXPress in a drawer somewhere, even back to the 27-year-old Version 3).

You'd need to lose Photoshop and Illustrator too, but for many users Serif's Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer can give them the features what they need from those Adobe applications (for a fixed price of £48.99/US$49.99 each).

Quark says that for many photo-editing tasks, you won't need to go out to Photoshop, as new features let you edit images inside QuarkXPress. Read on to discover what these are, and other new tools.

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