Richard Wilkinson is best known for producing digital editorial illustrations heavy with emotion. We even got him to do a masterclass on bringing emotion to digital portraits a few years ago. But recently he's turned his attention to more quirky subject matter - though still rendering them with intense attention to detail and lighting.

Arthropoda Iconicus sees figures from Star Wars, Pokemon and Disney transformed - Gregor Samsa-like - into giant insects (ok, there's no sense of scale so they could actually be insect-sized, but permit we riffing on Kafka).

We caught up with Richard to find out more about the project, and his approach to his artworks whether the subjects are human, object or invertebrate.

"The thing I’m most excited about at the moment is a series of books I’m working on of imaginary insects that have subtle resemblances to pop-culture icons," says Richard. "It’s much less dry than it sounds.

"The first is part-finished and its working title is Arthropoda Iconicus: Invertebrates From A Far Away Galaxy and is pencilled for an October release."

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