Bristol illustrator and animator Caspar Wain uses bold colours, simple lines and a whole lot of contrasting patterns to create adventurous eye-catching work.

Having graduated from the University of West England this year, Caspar has already produced work for Copyright Magazine and Anorak Magazine’s television branch (as seen in the video above).

A wide-ranging portfolio of commissioned work demonstrates his promising flair and fresh talent. Caspar has a unique mix of projects under his belt, such as a shortlisted design for the front cover of the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology, Ale Satan beer labelling and even a colouring-in page for the Justin Bieber Activity Book by Sugoi Books.

Caspar’s personal illustrations involve comical characters with long noses and geometric shapes – even an illustration of Daniel Blake following the UK release of I, Daniel Blake, a film on welfare bureaucracy.

Other personal projects include GIFs and a self-published concertina-folding book of a “badly-run construction site”.

Image: Caspar Wain / For Copyright Magazine.

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