Most of us will want to put the politics of 2016 behind us, but trends that most affect our practice aren’t just Pantone’s colour of the year – but the deep cultural, social, business, political and technological changes that happen in the world around us. This, along with what our clients want and what possibilities we have to engage our audience with. 

Instead of asking leading creative professionals to predict design trends for the year ahead, we want to find out their opinions - what changes they want to see, what they hope won’t happen, how their work will be different in the year ahead visually, and by form and function, and key skills they’d like to learn.

Last year we were criticised for not featuring a diverse selection of creative professionals. This year we’ve tried harder to make sure a range of voices and opinions have been included, as indeed diversity is evident among our respective creative disciplines. Furthermore, a number of people in this feature mention how they want to improve diversity even more within their workplace and the content they produce.

We've asked some of the smartest people across graphic, digital and immersive design, illustration, creative direction, advertising, photography, VFX to tell us what they think - and you can’t help but be inspired by what they say.

Image: Sagmeister Walsh's recent campaign for Milly, which taps into the Colour Surge visual trend that will be big in 2017.

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